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The Science behind the Art of Baking

The premier bakery solutions business, working with the world's bakeries in order to create business growth

New Zealand Food Industries is part of AB Mauri’s global family of yeast and bakery ingredients companies. As a premier yeast manufacturing company since 1914, New Zealand Food Industries is much respected for providing quality yeast products to the bakery industry.

At AB Mauri we aim to be the first choice in the supply of yeast, fermentation and bakery solutions through technology, quality, service and innovation.

  • We believe the key is to understand our customers’ requirements and partner with them to: Create value products and ingredients
  • Provide technology in formulation and processes 

There are two key Technology Groups assisting us:

  • Global Technology Group, based in Sydney which covers all aspects of yeast manufacturing and operations technology including strain development, fermentation technology etc.
  • The Bakery Technology Group based in Netherlands covering baking science research and technology including bread improver development, enzyme technology, product application, product innovation etc.

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